The most creative and innovative solution(s) from the Confluence Ideathon 2021 will be rewarded as specified below.

  • Rs 100,000 to the winner, in each of the five categories
  • Rs 50,000 to each runner-up
  • Rs 20,000 to each third prize winner

Some of the top winners may also get an opportunity to be mentored by the Confluence Ideathon’s partners, and may even get co-opted into the implementation of their ideas. There may be research and development opportunities for the innovation at a partner university for a select few.
The shortlisted participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, while the three winners in each category will get a Certificate of Merit.

What will you be judged on?

Shortlisted groups will be invited to pitch their concept and prototype to their peers and the jury.
The criteria for judging will be:

  • Relevance to and value for the cultural sector. Does the proposition offer a new application or perspective on the use of the digitised cultural content and/or the services that could be made available at the museum? 
  • Business potential and job creation objective. Does the proposition hold a strong position against current and likely competitors? What is the composition and size of target market(s) for this proposition?
  • Likelihood of success. How likely is the proposition to be adopted by users? Does the team have the skills and capacity to successfully accomplish and launch a new business concept?
  • Innovation, quality, and uniqueness. How innovative, new, or original is the idea? (New technology, original approach, potential uptake by target users.) What is the quality of the concept? (Form, function, aim).