How is it possible to future-proof an arts space to be relevant and efficient? What makes a space efficient and timeless? For e.g., what hanging and display systems would be relevant for decades to come? What design theories or strategies would you recommend?

With every generation, the ideology of every society shifts and that bring behavioural, spatial and experiential shifts. A centre of this nature is for posterity so how do you think that design can a create something timeless and relevant ?


What would the auditorium of the future look like? What are the technologies, materials for the structure that could be recommended?

The traditional auditorium has undergone a makeover, where the auditorium needs to be flexible and take technology as its main counterpart to create a space that adapts to the artistic practice. How can we conceive of a 900 seater that has full flexibility in terms of structure, acoustics, seating and stage ?


How would it be possible to design furniture and equipment made of materials which are recycled and have minimum impact on the environment, and/or uses Indian crafts/craftsmanship, but without any compromise on functionality, design, comfort or safety?

The public furniture can be any type but should aid in public interaction in open spaces.


What are the various crafts and artisanal skills that could be incorporated into the building skin of a cultural centre/or as any of the finishes of the exterior or the interior? How would the inclusion of these skills create a new economic model for the sustenance of these artisanal communities? 

India has a very rich cultural heritage and craft forms an integral part of this. One of the ways to support and contemporize the crafts sector of India is to integrate it with building technologies, thus providing a new economic model for the artisan while creating a new language for design which emerges from the region itself.

Cover Image Credit: Arts x Design: Installation view of “CoolANT” by ANT Studio as part of Look Outside This House, curated by Sudarshan Shetty at Serendipity Arts Festival 2019.

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