In what ways can this ’technology-driven yet steeped in tradition’ design create positive behavioural changes in society? 

Tradition and modernity have often been seen as two sides of a coin. Usually the best ideas emerge when two such polarised views come together. So what strategies could one employ to look at technology and tradition as a common voice to create positive change ? For e.g. How do you include a visit to a cultural space in the schedules of young adults and families that usually look to movies and eating out as a medium of entertainment?


Which are the events and activities that could generate interest and curiosity among the young to encourage them to explore the arts and culture more deeply?

Are there any new kinds of activities or art events that you feel can break away from the norm and create more value for the arts ? It can be an idea for an app, an event or a program.

Cover Image Credit: ARTS x Social Behaviour Installation view of “Else all will be still” by Ravi Agarwal as part of Anti-Memoirs: Locus, Language, Landscape, curated by Ranjit Hoskote at Serendipity Arts Festival 2017.

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