The world today is data driven, Data will continue to transform the way we work, interact and evolve, with great advancements in data science around digital experience with AI, AR and VR technology. Can you, bundle your creativity and use the power of such emerging technologies to make the arts more accessible and inclusive? Especially for the differently abled, children, and all other demographics that may need specific attention, as well as people from different cultural and economic backgrounds?


Can new age technology solutions revolutionize the consumption of art by allowing visitors to experience art in a new way, a contactless experience for spaces like Auditoria and/or other parts of a cultural centre, including exhibitions, libraries, and common functional spaces like toilets? How can this contactless innovation lend itself to the safety and wellbeing of its visitors and staff, this could be through, timed ticketing, virtual queuing, introducing mobile tools to encourage social distancing , and robust evacuation plan through technological solutions?


How can you employ technologies to revitalize user experience of a museum or a cultural centre into an interactive and world-class experience for its audience through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and even Mathematics?

Cover Image Credit: Arts x Technology: Detail view of an artwork showcase as part of “Now You See It!: The Invisible River of Konkani Surrealism”, curated by Vivek Menezes at Serendipity Arts Festival 2017.

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